Archive: Equine Disease Quarterly

Archive: Equine Disease Quarterly

Equine Disease Quarterly Archive

Past Issues & Content Overview

January 2022
Genome Sequencing
Winter Care Tips
Sepsis in Newborn Foals
Vertebral Pathology

April 2022
Hydrops Allantois and Hydrops Amnion in the Mare
Biosecurity on Equine Breeding Farms
Equine Amyloidosis
Equine Leptospiral Abortion

July 2022
Equine Infectious Diseases first Quarter 2022
Probiotics in Horses
Equine Pleurpneumonia
Biomarkers for Equine Athletes

October 2022
Fourth Quarter 2022
Paranasal Sinuses
Standing Surgery
Allergy Testing






January 2021
Prepubuic Tendon Rupture 
Vitamin E Deficiency
Re-feeding the Starved Horse

April 2021
Effects of COVID-19 on Equine Markets
Equine Fungal Keratitis
Equine Fungal Infections in Central Kentucky 

July 2021
Equine Herpesvirus 1
Common Equine Hepatotoxins
West Nile Virus

October 2021
Exhaustion in Horses
Polyuria and Polydipsia in Horses
Equine Rotavirus B and Neonatal Foal Diarrhea

January 2020
Inbreeding and Genomics
Besnoitiosis in Donkeys
Peripartum Death in Mares

April 2020
Epiglottic Entrapment
Equine Abortion
Nocardioform Placentitis

July 2020
Acute Respiratory Distress
Vesicular Stomatitis
Therapeutic Shoeing

October 2020
African Horse Sickness 
Rhodococcus equi

January 2019 
Biofilm-Associated Endometritis
Tall Fescues
Equine Abortion

April 2019 
Equine Influenza
Equine Neorickettsiosis

July 2019
Changing Trends in Equine Reproduction
Clostridial Myositis

October 2019
Preserving Rare Horse Breeds
Wild Horse and Burro Program
Guttural Pouch Mycosis

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