Aged Horse

Aged Horse

Aged Horse Research

Adams' Lab@UK

Amanda Adams

Associate Professor

(859) 218-1097 Gluck Equine Research Center 1400 Nicholasville Rd. Lexington, KY 40546

UK’s Aged Horse Research Program was established by Amanda Adams, associate professor in the Gluck Equine Research Center. Adams, who specializes in the care of senior horses, is also an adjunct faculty member at Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has established and supports a unique herd of aged horses who have conditions ranging from pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease, obesity, equine metabolic syndrome and insulin dysregulation.  

Adams’ research program currently encompasses the study of equine immunology and endocrinology in the areas of aging, obesity, endocrine diseases, laminitis and stress. In 2019, Adams was named the inaugural MARS EQUESTRIAN™ Fellow in recognition of her expertise in equine science and dedication to creating a better world for horses. Adams was then tapped to provide mentorship to the inaugural MARS EQUESTRIAN Scholar, a doctoral scholarship program designed to engage and train future leaders in equine science. The holistic approach to supporting education and research exemplifies Mars’ dedication to improving equine well-being integrating Mars, Incorporated family of equine-related brands and services, including WALTHAM™ ScienceANTECH™SOUND®BUCKEYE™ Nutrition and SPILLERS™ Brands

Aged Horse Research Areas include:

  • old horse health and wellness
  • equine metabolic syndrome
  • pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (formerly referred to as equine Cushing's disease)
  • stress in horses


Contact Information

Dr. Surendranath Suman
Interim Director, Gluck Equine Research Center

405 W.P. Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546-0215

(859) 257-3248