Thomas Tobin, MVB, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, DABT

Professional Profile

1981: Drugs and the Performance Horse, 480 page text.
1983: Regulatory threshold for furosemide, still in place.
1984: US Patent, “Detection of morphine using enzymatic hydrolysis”
1985-Present: About 100 ELISA tests for equine medications; First company “spin-off” from UK sold to Neogen Corp.
1997: US Patent, first FDA approved treatment for Equine Protozoal Myelitis, licensed to Bayer, marketed as Bayer Marquis® and Merck Protazil®.
2003: US Copyright on the unique biological mechanism of MRLS.
2006: US Patent for novel veterinary tranquilizer.
2011: Certified reference and internal standards for therapeutic medication regulation, licensed to Frontier Biopharm LLC.
2012: World Medication Rules, 289 page book.


Diplomate, American Board of Toxicology, 1980; PhD, University of Toronto (Pharmacology), 1970; MSc, University of Guelph (Pharmacology), 1966; MVB, University College, Dublin, 1964

Areas of Interest

Analytical Chemistry