University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Eli Capilouto

Vice President
Dr. Robert DiPaola

Dr. Stuart Brown 

Vice Chair
Mr. Michael Banahan 

Dr. Nancy Cox

Ms. Penny Cox

Ms. Shannon Bishop Arvin
Mr. Clifford Barry
Mr. Adam Bowden
Dr. Cormac Breathnach
Mr. Gary Bush
Ms. Kiki Courtelis
Mr. Ray Daniels
Mrs. Jamie Eads
Mr. Harold V. "Bo" Goodman
Ms. Elisabeth Goth
Dr. David Horohov
Ms. Lesley Howard
Mr. William Lynn Jones
Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney
Ms. Lisa Lourie
Dr. James Matthews
Dr. Everett McCorvey
Mr. William J. “Bill” Moroney
Mr. Chauncey Morris
Dr. Steve Reed
Mr. Mike Richey, Ex-Officio
Mr. Dermot Ryan
Mr. Duncan Taylor
Mr. William W. "Bill" Thomason, Jr.
Mr. Ned Toffey
Mrs. Benny Bell Williams



About the Gluck Equine Research Foundation

In 1987, the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center (GERC) opened its doors with the goal of pursuing research relevant to the equine industry. Over the years, millions of dollars in public and private funds have been invested in such research, resulting in the GERC becoming the preeminent research institution of its kind.

Since its creation as a non-profit organization in the early 1980s before the Gluck Center was built, the Gluck Equine Research Foundation has been instrumental in securing private donations to fund equine research, endowed faculty positions and facilities, as well as helping to identify research issues of particular importance. Today, the GERC houses researchers from the Department of Veterinary Science, an administrative unit of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The Chair of the Department of Veterinary Science also has the title of Director of the GERC. 

Since the Foundation’s inception, it has been highly supportive in raising funds for equine research, endowed faculty positions and facilities. Funding for graduate student support has allowed Gluck Equine Research Center faculty to educate the next generation of scientists.

The Gluck Equine Research Foundation Board of Directors consists of industry members representing a wide array of the equine industry. The Board of Directors meet twice a year. 

Research has a central role in the health and well-being of horses. Financial gifts in support of that research help build a strong foundation for healthier horses, improved safety for the athletic horse, and protection against infectious diseases when horses are transported locally or internationally.

By making a donation to the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center, your gift will benefit equine research, facility updates, equipment needed for research and graduate student scholarships.  

There are 3 ways to donate:

1. A single gift using a credit card.

2. A recurring gift of 12 monthly payments on a credit card.

3. A pledge to be billed monthly, quarterly or yearly.

To donate to the Gluck Center, click here. Under the section Gift Information, first select "Agriculture" and then select “Gluck Equine Research Enrichment Fund”. 

Donations to the Gluck Center are tax-deductible.