The Equine Research Hall of Fame, established by the University of Kentucky Equine Research Foundation (now the UK Gluck Equine Research Foundation), honors those distinguished researchers who have dedicated their careers to equine science. The Hall of Fame is at the Gluck Center.

On Dec. 1, 1990, 12 scientists became the first inductees into this prestigious hall. Inductees are selected for the honor by an international scientific committee that evaluates the achievements and contributions of eminent researchers who were nominated by their peers and colleagues. The inductees, active, retired or deceased, are individuals from throughout the world who have expanded the body of knowledge of equine science through their contributions to basic or applied research.

The Equine Research Hall of Fame provides a lasting tribute to the most renowned equine researchers in a variety of disciplines and serves as an international forum for honoring outstanding achievements in equine research.

Thomas J. DiversSteeve GiguereDickson VarnerSusan Stover (2016)Sue Dyson (2016)Norm Ducharme (2016)Michelle LeBlanc (2014)Elwyn Firth (2014)Ernest Bailey (2014)Stephanie Valberg (2012)Eugene Lyons (2012)George Allen (2012)Peter Timoney (2009)Alan Nixon (2009)I.G. Joe Mayhew (2009)Douglas Antczak (2009)Edward Squires (2007)C. Wayne Mcllwraith (2005)Travis McGuire Jr. (2005)Baltus Erasmus (1995)Harold Garner (1992)Leo Jeffcott (1991)Phillip Edwards (1991)Clyde Stormont (1990)Arnold Theiler (1990)Peter Rossdale (1990)Robbert Kenney (1990)Frederick Hobday (1990)Harold HintzO.J. Ginther (1990)J. Harold Drudge (1990)Elvis Roger Doll (1990)William Dimock (1990)John Bryans (1990)W.R. Allen