5th Tex Cauthen Webinar Recording - Not Eligible for CE

5th Tex Cauthen Seminar - 2021 Virtual Full Event

The 2021 Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar was held virtually via Zoom Webinar on Sunday January 24th, 2021. A recording of the event and individual presenters is located on this page.

Vet and Farrier CE credits are valid for attendees of the live event. NO credit can be granted for viewing of the recorded session.

If you registered for and attended the live event, you should receive an email 24 hours after the live broadcast that serves as a confirmation of your attendance for record keeping.

Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Cauthen Morning Session - Motion Sensor Technologies & The Racing Horse

5th Cauthen Seminar - Morning Session

Cauthen Afternoon Session - Sesamoid Structure and Function & Optimal Protection Strategies

5th Cauthen Seminar - Afternoon Session

Morning Session Presentations

Talk 1 - Abbie Haffner

5th Cauthen Seminar - Applying Lameness Locator Technology on the Racetrack by Dr. Abigail Haffner

Talk 2 - Kevin Keegan

5th Cauthen Seminar - Report on Lameness Locator Technology & Injury Prevention by Dr Kevin Keegan

Talk 3 - David Lambert

5th Cauthen Seminar - Analysis of Accelerometer Data Acquired at Racing Speeds by Dr David Lambert

Talk 4 - Bronte Forbes

5th Cauthen Seminar - Lameness Locator Technology Progress in Singapore Racing by Dr Bronte Forbes

Talk 5 - Ryan Carpenter

5th Cauthen Seminar - Injury Mitigation: The West Coast Perspective by Dr Ryan Carpenter

Talk 6 - Mathieu Spriet

5th Cauthen Seminar - Research with Positron Emission Tomography in Racehorses by Dr. Mathieu Spriet

Morning Session Roundtable / Q&A

5th Cauthen Seminar - Morning Session Roundtable

Afternoon Session Presentations

Talk 8 - Mitch Taylor & Jenny Hagen

5th Cauthen Seminar - Structure & Function of Proximal Sesamoid Bone by Mitch Taylor & Jenny Hagen

Talk 9 - Debbie Spike-Pierce

5th Cauthen Seminar - Sesamoiditis in Yearlings & Effect on Racing - Dr. Debbie Spike Pierce

Talk 10 - Steve Stanley

5th Cauthen Seminar - Shoeing Strategies to Protect Proximal Sesamoid Bones by Mr. Steve Stanley

Talk 11 - Michael Savoldi

5th Cauthen Seminar - Classification of Proximal Sesamoid Fractures in Thoroughbreds by M T Savoldi

Afternoon Session Roundtable / Q&A

5th Cauthen Seminar - Afternoon Session Roundtable

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