Eugene Lyons, PhD

Phone (859) 218-1115

343, Gluck Equine Research Center
Lexington KY 40546-0099

Professional Profile

Parasitology: Control and transmission of internal parasites of horses. Nearly all dewormers currently on the market were tested for efficacy on internal parasites here in the Department of Veterinary Science. Studies are ongoing on resistance of small strongyles and ascarids to commercial dewormers. Other research is concentrated on profiling the passage of small strongyle eggs in feces (EPGs) of older horses. This is to try and determine which animals are low egg shedders, and thus don’t need deworming, and which ones are “high” egg shedders, which are needing antiparasitic treatment. Other research is on internal parasites of wildlife, especially hookworm in pinnipeds.


PhD, Colorado State University (Parasitology), 1963; MS, Kansas State University (Parasitology), 1958; BS, South Dakota State University (Wildlife), 1956

Areas of Interest