Charles Issel, DVM, PhD

Wright-Markey Chair in Infectious Diseases
Phone (859) 218-1096

128-F, Gluck Equine Research Center
Lexington KY 40546-0099

Curriculum Vitae
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Professional Profile

Our research, continuous since 1974, involves equine infectious anemia from A to Z. We are working with the national and international veterinary community to develop and implement sensitive, specific and practical diagnostic tests for EIA to complement the “Coggins” test in effective control programs. Our work indicates that we should adopt a three-tiered testing approach which would more accurately detect positive horses with difficult to read AGID test reactions. At the same time we are studying the intricacies of the EIA virus (EIAV), a lentivirus, in an attempt to define the genetic and antigenic variations in this highly mutable agent and how it impacts protective immunity, i.e., vaccine design and efficacy. This work is valuable in its own right as well as being of comparative value as a model for AIDS. Our projects with the USDA have resulted in a DVD package that includes our video from 1996 and a new video from 2010, “Equine Infectious Anemia Testing – Refining our approach.” Both videos are available online at To obtain the DVD package, visit


Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Microbiologists, 1976; PhD, University of Wisconsin (Veterinary Science), 1973; MS, University of Wisconsin (Veterinary Science), 1971; DVM, University of California–Davis, 1969; BA, University of California–Berkeley (Zoology), 1965

Areas of Interest

Infectious Diseases